Take, Take, Take – A Poem By Gina Harrison

We take oils and gases what a fucked up mistake

Earth cries out in the form of a fatal earthquake

The planet She is hollow we have drained her of blood

Raped her body with drills and drowned her in mud

Earth weakens each day from Her small-minded residents

Like the deadly ambitions of our glazed over presidents

The rulers of the lands prove we are racist and selfish

Toxic humans with toxic waste destroying oceans and shellfish

Chopping trees to make currency when nature is priceless

Throwing up buildings that block out the suns energy and brightness

Animals treated like criminals and seas raided for money

To meet the deadlines of some brainwashed corporate company

Pipeline poison kills a native father’s daughter

And White-Man pushes to privatise water

The rich vomit their gluttony and the hungry swallow dirt

Indigenous cave stories smashed by a hardhat and shirt

How far gone we are now as we pollute the sky

Even to spread Earths message in a plane we must fly

We drive far and wide to gather warriors in masses

All whilst we shred the atmosphere with carcinogenic gases

We connect with the awakened on an electronic stream

It fry’s our minds and our eyes till we can no longer dream

Counter-productive it feels to revive that dormant third eye

As we stare out the window and ask ourselves why?

So far gone now are humans can we really return

To our original state without the technology germ

We take and we take increasing our debt

It is time to pay Earth back and her standards be met



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