‘Opposites Attract’: A Little (Non-Cheesy) Anecdote

So I’ve decided to drop all distractions in life and really focus on beginning a journey into the world of Writing for Children. I am really fortunate that I live in the alluring adventure playground of North Cornwall. It has forces in place that make you remain a child forever. You just can’t fight it. The ocean is only a stone’s throw away, along with rock pools, sand dunes, cliffs and forests. What more does a big kid like me need to inspire the imagination, take on the persona of a middle-grade reader and complete my first book for children.

As I sit in the garden of my caravan typing this very blog, the birds whistle in the Cornish hedgerows, the bee’s buzz around the wild flowers. It is utterly serene. Then there’s my husband; hammering nails, sawing wood and making a big boy shed in the corner of the garden. The irony is that Rob is the lovely subject of this blog.

My husband is a musician. Not a musician who plays an acoustic guitar by a beach bonfire or occasionally plugs his Les Paul into an amp for a jam. I am married to a drummer, possibly the loudest drummer in the world even. I must first and foremost state that I am very lucky to be married to Rob. As the wife (official groupie) of said musician, I can get into any music festival he plays at and acquire a full weekend pass and camping. AWESOME! I’ve partied with well-known musicians, been on tour in Europe and had as much complimentary alcohol and food one would want in a backstage greenroom. It’s definitely a fun lifestyle. We trade the support. In exchange for me allowing the loud drums he is very happy to chauffeur me from our rural Cornish home to book launches, writing festivals and Waterstones in Truro for ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ book bundles. Happy girl!

The scene of our home life is quite hilarious. Little mousy writer sits in bed with a cup of tea, staring into laptop void, whilst talented husband plays drums in the next room of the caravan. (Shed-making husband reaches for drill and says, “Sorry about the noise” as I continue to type about him in this blog).

The routine comes so naturally now. I’ll reach for the earplugs, turn on my laptop and begin writing. The caravan rocks from side to side like a boat at sea as he starts to jam on his drums so hard the floorboards threaten to fall through. What use would a bottomless caravan be? I guess swaying from side to side from the motion of the drums adds a sense of realism to my seafaring novel. What’s magical about this, aside from the realistic seasickness, is that Rob is sat in one room and I’m in the next, both of us are pursuing our dreams and following our hearts in the world of art. If our art never left the four walls of our home it is still special. I wish more people gave their heart desires a shot.

So yes, the music industry and the writing world are VERY different and it looks like that cheesy old saying is quite true too.



One thought on “‘Opposites Attract’: A Little (Non-Cheesy) Anecdote

  1. This has real resonance for me … my husband is a musician (guitar) and is creating music of all hues and tones in his home studio (the box room!) while I try to write in the bedroom next door. Sometimes this helps and sometimes this hinders the creative flow … particularly when he gets excited by something and bursts into the room to say “come and listen to this”. He seems to forget that I’ve been “listening” for the last 2 hours as he’s been working on the same 8 bar phrase over and over again. It’s great that he values my opinion, as I do his … he always gets to read my stories first! But those earplugs sound like a good investment to me.


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